The Halfway Houses(Sober Homes) in Plantation

Plantation is seeing an epidemic growth of these sober homes in residential neighborhoods being operated by unscrupulous providers that are receiving kickbacks from outpatient treatment centers also known as "patient brokering".
These homes are most of the overdose calls. These calls eventually put a burden on the city's budget. These homes are suppose to be operating on a recovery model but instead are operating on a relapse cycle which brings the patient in time and time again for treatment. These homes are opening up and being operated under the city's radar. These homes are bringing prostitution, drug trafficking and patient brokering. The governor has recently signed a law that increases the penalty for patient brokering and the city should be more aggressive on cracking down on these sober homes. They can place requirements on the homes such as having the homes be certified by an independent trade association and limiting them to one house every two miles.